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How to get some money from your download traffic ?

September 22nd, 2010 Posted in ecommerce, emarketing

A long awaited post I would like to make as good and as complete as possible.

for now, I will list a few providers you could look at, which won’t require any contract ( unlike Microsoft Bing toolbar, Google toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar or Ask Toolbar program )

http://www.Conduit.com – a very popular toolbar provider, easy to setup , easy to try to check how many of your users would accept to have a toolbar or a promotion software bundled with your own product… BUT … the revenue from this provider is very low and with a lot of conditions to be paid. I recommand to use it to learn, but if you are not satisfy with the revenue, you can try another program.

OpenCandy – a popular platform to suggest other publishers during your setup installation script. I didn’t try it personally ,but it is a well known and respected publisher

– a new one I just found – AfterDownload:

– Later, I would check out Predictad

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