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The shoemakers children go barefoot – why my web site sucks ?

or “the child of shoemaker has no shoes” , I found the equivalent of this french expression to be a good sample of what happens of my case. My main web site sucks a lot, a single page, not updated, it is really a shame considering it is one of my professionnal activity. In the other hand, I m not the only one in this case. I don’t look really for new customers, and I have other activities in my own project. It doesn’t mean I refuse some opportunities, but it is just I have another priorities. On this point of view, I have the same life cycle than my customers, if no one reminds me the situation or put me unconfortable to outline the lack of update of my own work, I still think everything is ok.

That’s my duty to motivate the customers to not only “aware” of their required changed, but to prove some people have bad opinion of their communication and don’t dare or wish to waste their time to report about it. It touchs the very basic human behaviour, complains only if you would like it to be fixed, or because it really hurted you.

It is so easier to see problems with other’s work, than yourself, that’s also why you need 3rd party feedback in business and personal life. I am in this case, I need to find the motivation ( and time , and skills ) to update my own web site, and I don’t do it yet, because I m not in the emergency to do it.