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Easy photo uploader for Facebook

Lazy guys, Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook is a software which allows you to send directly pictures to your albums from the shell menu. Select one or several pictures from the Windows file explorer, then right-click to display the popup menu, and select the option “send photo(s) to Facebook”

The program will resize and upload to your Facebook photo Albums. it is much easier and faster than using the integrated dialog of Facebook to select pictures.

The program also convert to jpeg if the source file is a RAW ( .CR2 , .NEF, .MRW etc.. ) you just need to have the codec installed, or you can also consider to download FastPictureViewer WIC Codec pack or the genuine codec from your digital camera manufacturor

Download Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

article photography software review

WIC Codec to display and decode RAW photos – .CR2 .NEF .DNG….

What is a WIC codec ? it is the acronym for Windows Imaging Component. It has been introduced in Windows XP service pack 3, and by default in Vista and 7. It is an interface definition ( and SDK ) to “add” to Windows the ability to read and write ( Codec means Co-der and Dec-oder ) new image format.
It is something more and more popular with the new DSLR digital camera and the “pro” format RAW format ( .CR2 for Canon , .NEF for Nikon, .DNG for Adobe, and much more other formats for Sony, Minolta, Mamya.
If you have the correct WIC codec installed, you are able to see the raw files in explorer, but also in any compatible client using a WIC interface, such VSO Photo Gallery, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Media Center, and more… so finally it allows the computer to understand how to display new and proprietary photo format. By the way, can you imagine the famous Picasa still can’t read supported WIC format ? Picasa is still using DCRAW which is a nice library to read RAW photo but unfornutly the color and speed isn’t as good as genuine WIC codec when it is delivered by digital camera manufacturors.

Thats all the problem, Canon ( I m a Canon user so I don’t know very well for the other manufacturors ) is quite often late to update the software part, forcing any new digital camera buyers to use the software delivered as a bundle with the camera. It is just software !!! but for unknown reason, they are quite slow to update the required drivers and .. that’s not all…

Let’s talk about x64 bits version of WIC codec, and you will find Digital Manufacturors are really hardware oriented. Is there a solution…. hopefully there is one now, that I want to share today :

It is a all-in-one, hassle-free solution to support all the major RAW files with one package, even if you are using mainly only .CR2 or .NEF you can consider this option as you could tune some options that the original manufacturor doesn’t allow to do. You need to know the .RAW files often contains 1 to 3 differents thumbnails size and a copy of the raw files as an embedded jpeg version ( using the default settings of the digital camera for the white balance, sharpness, creative mode ). Using that file stream you can greatly speed up the display of the raw files within Windows Explorer and see thumbnails of raw , as you are used to watch .jpeg or bitmap files. It is one of the only solution to get your raw files supported with x64bits edition of Windows !

Not only FastPictureViewer is providing support for x64 bits version that the original manufacturors don’t want to do, but it offers to any users the best performance, and extra features. A must have !

This codec offers a few other options and the development is going fast to implement new features, for example it will have a better and more accurate rendering than Windows internal codec itself, by rotating the picture correctly, or removing the black bar which adjust the size of the thumbnail to the regular aspect ratio of the windows thumbnails.

article photography software review

PhotoShop CS5 content-aware aka seam carving aka Liquid Resize fun marketing

Adobe PhotoShop CS4 introduced an implementation of the content-aware / Seam Carving / Liquid Resize algorithm. It is a powerful filter to remove object, or resize full pictures without stretching all the objects or squeezing faces for portrait. It is a very powerful photo editing filter. But .. to be honest, I didn’t find the option in CS4, so it is well hidden, anyway, it is well known I m not an addict of Adobe photo software. The funny story today is the announce of PhotoShop CS5 in a few days, and adobe released an impressive YouTube demo about the new filter.

But here is a very funny ironic video about that filter, watch it, it is very funny :

If you want a free implementation of the Seam Carving filter ( the real one ), you can download VSO Photo Gallery

And for people interesting to read long and interesting case study, I add a link to the Princeton university about latest algorythm

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Canon 5D mark II new firmware 2.0.3 available for download

The long time awaited firmware update for Canon 5D mark II is available for download

Download Canon 5D mark II firmware 2.0.3

This firmware was important for a lot of people as it brings new HD video mode.
The Canon 5D mark II is quite popular, despite it is a photo camera, to be used to create excellent quality video, for example :


“CITY OF LAKES” The Official Trailer from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

Firmware 2.0.3 changes :
Adds or changes the following movie frame rates.

1920×1080 : 30 fps (changed – actual 29.97 fps)
1920×1080 : 24 fps (added – actual 23.976 fps)
640×480 : 30 fps (changed – actual 29.97 fps)
1920×1080 : 25 fps (added – actual 25.0 fps)
1920×1080 : 24 fps (added – actual 23.976 fps)
640×480 : 25 fps (added – actual 25.0 fps)

Adds a function for manually adjusting the sound recording level (64 levels).
Adds a histogram display (brightness or RGB) for shooting movies in manual exposure.
Adds shutter-priority AE mode (Tv) and aperture-priority AE (Av) mode to the exposure modes for shooting movies.
Changes the audio sampling frequency from 44.1 KHz to 48 KHz.
Fixes a phenomenon where communication between the camera and the attached lens is sometimes interrupted after manual sensor cleaning. (This phenomenon only affects units with Firmware Version 1.2.4.)

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What is geotagging ?

Here is a ridiculous video I made when I was at VSO to explain what is geotagging