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Fabrice Meuwissen interview for Avangate

I did an interview for Avangate a few days ago, and that interview has been published today.
Avangate is one of the biggest and most active e-commerce platform for software vendors. Reselling the top software available all over the world

“Fabrice Meuwissen is the co-founder of VSO Software , a company which produces the popular ConvertXtoDVD video converter. He is a developer & marketing person who has been involved in software development and distribution since 1997 and started using an e-commerce platform back in 1998. Fabrice also set the bases of BrainFight, a webmarketing consultancy agency mainly addressed to software vendors

 Fabrice Meuwissen portraitFabrice also set the bases of BrainFight , a webmarketing consultancy agency mainly addressed to software vendors.

Adriana Iordan: Can you please tell us a little about your background and how you got into software marketing & development?

Fabrice Meuwissen: I’m 35 years old and am from France. I’ve been involved in the computer software market since 1993.

Since finishing my studies in software development (1997), I have been involved in software development and distribution for my personal projects and through the various companies I worked for. I have started to use an e-commerce platform since 1998 at a time when internet connection was only possible with a modem and not yet with a DSL line. I have always worked for companies with international software distribution, both B2B and B2C.

In 2003 I set up VSO Software together with Jacques Vignoles we spent time developing a very popular …”

Read the full Interview of Fabrice Meuwissen for Avangate

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