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DVDFab PassKey, alternative to DVD43 and AnyDVD HD ?

March 11th, 2010 Posted in article, blu-ray

DVDFab team is very active during a few weeks, after a beta release of their popular DVD-to-DVD, Blu-ray-to-Blu-ray and DVD or Blu-ray to Mobile copy tools DVDFab 7, they just announced in their forum the release of DVDFab passkey beta, available for download.

What is DVDFab Passkey ? consider it as a driver to decrypt on the fly the encrypted disc, indeed the originals DVD and Blu-ray discs are protected and can’t be read without an extra tool or a genuine video player.

DVDFab Passkey, alternative to AnyDVD and DVD43

Here the different solutions :

  • Use a rip tool, which will only decrypt and save the file to your local hard drive, but it takes a lot of space, and you will have to read again the information a second time to make a conversion. Exemple : DVD Decrypter
  • Use a “driver Style” solution, it will side by side with another software of your choice, it works in the background and just intercept the calls to the DVD or Blu-ray drive to serve the file decrypted. It is a nice solution to read directly the files with the tool of your choice. For example VLC doesn’t support decrypting, but with a driver-level tool, you can use any existing application, it can be required to bypass the area limitation. The most popular software are AnyDVD HD from Slysoft, and DVD43
  • Use a software already including a decrypt feature, so you don’t have to worry to launch another program, but you are binded to that software and his capability to make the decryption part correctly : Exemple DVDFab platinum

So is DVDFab passkey will take some market share in this very specialized market ? I installed it on 2 computers, and didn’t face a problem, I used it to remove the area protection for a Blu-ray ( from USA ) and so I was able to play it on a european Blu-ray PC reader

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