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Best sites to download WordPress templates catalog

I need a  top of the art wordpress templates for my new web site, which has a very good traffic ( ) , it is a web site where different products will be available in the showcase.
so it is products / software oriented, with the need to display differents category ( online web apps, windows software and application, photo oriented products, but also iPhone & iPad apps )

the purpose of this post is to select and list the best web site to find the WordPress template of your dream :
good old web site providing templates and model for popular CMS, it is not limited or specialized to WordPress, but a website I know since a few years already. Price starts around 50$ and you may have an option to have someone installing it for you.
Suggested by a friend when I asked by twitter and facebook for a suggestion list of references. I didn’t navigate too much, but worth to be listed ( Price starts from 50$ )

they have also phpBB theme, but finally, due to the lack of feedback for phpBB SEO mod and the possibility to add facebook connect to a phpBB3 forum, I prefered to invest a few $$ and I purchased a Vbulletin forum : . But.. soon I will probably look for provider for a Vbulletin style / interface / theme / templates , whatever how they call it.

Woothemes is specialized into WordPress templates, with very smart business prices, ( buy 1 , get 3 free ), also with membership subscription. I like the woothemes website designs, but I didn’t search too much yet in their template database. Nevertheless, I know it is very popular provider for WordPress as their logo ( bottom right of live templates ) is visible in a lot of popular blogs.

and the best one ( on my humble opinion ) is :

I like the quality of the templates, not limited to offer a good look but also with nice features to make your daily post easier to manager, it is definitly the one I m looking first.
I bought some code from them already at
it works with a deposit system, so you can make a deposit and use the credit for differents items ( not only the templates )

If you have any suggestions for more web site like this, please share in comments

*** MORE to be updated ***





a homeless person learn me about marketing

While I was in a business and holiday trip in california, we saw at a light stop, a homeless guy – or maybe a brillant student in marketing with dirty clothes in purpose – with a sign with this sentence :

“Wife and children kidnapped by ninjas, need money for karate lessons”.

You can print it as a frame :)

Well, unluckly I wasn’t able to take a photo as I was driving, so I found one on google but it makes me think about how effective this sentence could be instead of the usual quotes ” I have 4 children, need to eat etc…”

I really hesitated to donate to this guy, as I really think this kind of humor could be a nice uniqueness option to get attention. But… is making smile someone is the most efficient way to make people donate money ?

I don’t know.. but I remember this quote enought to post it in a blog. so it was memorable enough to get attention but not efficient enough to get paid.